PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10 – Nr 65/S/2018

AQAP 2110:2016 – Nr 65/A/2018

WSK – Nr 65/W/2018

NCAGE Nr 0451H
Certificate of Quality Management Systems. Scope: designing, production, renovation and modernization of communication systems, retentioning Criteria for Internal Control System. Legal foundation of Internal Control System is created by Act on international trade of goods, technologies and services.
RULING No 53/2009
Scope: certificate of credibility for businessmen applying for a cooperation with NAMSA.
LICENCE No B-354/2003 and DECISION No 7
Licence entitles for conducting business within a scope of manufacturing and trading explosives, weapon, ammunition and products and technology appropriated for military and police services.
Certificate No 20/I-67/T/WIII/2013
First Level Industrial Security Certificate No  20/I-67/T/WIII/2013  up to secret classification.
Certificate No  22/II-15/NS/WIII/2013
Second Level Industrial Security Certificate No 22/II-15/NS/WIII/2013  up to secret classification
Certificate No  23/II-7/UES/WIII/2013
Second Level Industrial Security Certificate  No 23/II-7/UES/WIII/2013 up to secret classification.
Certificate of cryptographic security
CERTIFICATE for teleinformatic system No 034/2003
given to Terminal SK-1T, up to secret classification
CERTIFICATE of teleinformatic security for element of teleinformatic system CERT.No 13/2007/JCW SKW
Electromagnetically tight cabin KSE 15-100-CZ , up to secret classification
REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE issued by the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market for electromagnetic proof container KSE 15-100-CZ
for testing attenuation of objects and individual hood shieldings.
Assigning a D-U-N-S ® 422194585