Communication recording system RK-16

Communication recording system RK-16 is a multichannel digital recording system for telephone calls and radio communication for members of Air Control Technical Team, airforce command and cooperation network.

RK-16 may be mounted in the covered body of moving or stopped wheeled vehicle or crawler to be operated on a continuous basis.

Capable of operating in fixed-site installations. Operated via control panel (local operation) and via computer network (LAN/WAN). RK-16 makes call recording (with full recording of date and time) possible with the following pins:

  • Analogue Telephone Line (CA) 4 lines 4 channels
  • Digital Telephone Line ISDN (2B+D) 4 digital lines 8 channels
  • Radio lines (connected via adapter A-1) 4 lines 4 channels two radio lines for PR4G radio family ( RRC – 9500 / 9200, RRC-9310/9210),
  • two radio lines for Harris radio family (RF-5000, RF-5200, RF-5800).

RK-16 complies with electromagnetic compatibility and interference requirements, is characterised by increased resistance to environmental factors (climatic and mechanical ).

RK-16 works in two major modes:

  • unauthorized;
  • authorized (at the level of the User or the Administrator)


  • Communication Recording System RK-16 – 14.8 kg;
  • Adapter A-1 – 2.28 kg.

Dimensions length x width x height):

  • Communication Recording System RK-16 (with shock mounting) – 480 x 293 x 135 mm,
  • Adapter A-1 (with shock mounting) – 340 x 74 x 265 mm.