CUT-1M digital telecommuting

CUT-1M is a commuting device compatible with the STORCZYK ZT system devices.

It ensures operation of digital telecommunication networks offering data transmission as well as phonic.

Technical data and functional capabilities of CUT-1M:

  • Servicing up to 32 own users defined universally (digital, CA/CB, MB);
  • Co-operation with the standard STORCZYK ZT system terminal equipment (analogue and digital telephones, MK-16 computer module, ISDN BRI telephones and VHF and KF radio interface block);
  • User’s interface standard is compliant with U interface standard B+D or 2B+D);
  • Co-operation with the STORCZYK ZT system devices by means of four group tracks ( in Eurocom, STANAG 4210, G.703, STANAG 4206)by means of cable regenerators or optical converters;

Telecommunication services of CUT-1M:

  • data transmission and phonic connections;
  • phonic conference connections;
  • ringing signal relocation;
  • number relocation;
  • priority connections;
  • access password change for call diversion and ringing signal relocation services;