Electro-acoustic public address system REA


The Electro-acoustic Public Address System is intended for use in military units of psychological war to effect their tasks. It is adapted to transmit sound-amplified messages in open areas and to oroceed with actions in tactic and operational zones.

The System provides for the following:

  • to broadcast sound amplified messages from microphones, radiostations, computers and audio equipment (radio, CD/DVD player);
  • to monitor and record the surroundings;
  • internal communication for crew members;
  • to run acoustic simulation of gun sites;
  • to operate both at parking and while driving.


  • RANGE: 2,5 km
  • CONTROL: microprocessor-based control/switching unit for the operator, Remote radio and wire control.
  • EQUIPMENT stationary microphone, four wireless microphones, PC, CD/DVD player, radioreceiver, USW radiostation, GPS, revolving camera with a recorder, digital radiotelephone, camera, Night vision goggles, manpack radio RP-1.
  • POWER SUPPLY: battery bank 24V/85 Ah chargeable from 230V mains at standstill or SOM 24V vehicle in motion.
  • LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM: horn loudspeakers adjustable to various directions.
  • BASE VEHICLE: HONKER-2000 cross country – passenger vehicle.

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