Electromagnetically shielded cabin KSE 15-100-CZ


Designed for the development of field or stationary IT system or network to process classified infomation – official secret including SECRET classification level, using commercial IT devices.

  • Cryptographic communications stations,
  • Network servers, IT terminals, fully independent computer workstations,
  • Workplace organisation: design, production, assembly, repair or servicing of cryptographic protection device,
  • Foreign, cryptographic and secret centres equipped with electronic information processing system.


  • For IT security, compliant with the requirements of NO-06-A201 standard (category B1) and documents: BTPO-701A, DBBT-301B – certified by the Body Certifying the Products of Military Counter-intelligence Services,
  • 15-feet container – dimensions
  • height x width x length [mm]: 2250 x 2438 x 4572 ± 8)
  • operating and technical compartment
  • Equipment:
  • S-4 class break-in and assault alert system,
  • air-conditioning system,
  • heating and drying system,
  • filter ventilations system,
  • radiometer,
  • power generating set,

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