GAT M-1 Speakerphone

GAT M-1 speaker phone, designed for transceiving phonic signals (simplex) and transceiving signal in one-track wireless communication system.

Technical parameters
Supply napięcie stałe 12V, 24V lub siec energetyczna 230V
Power consumption < 60 W
Sensitivity of lineal input 25 ±5 mV
Sensitivity of microphone input 1,5 ±0,5 mV
Initial level 1,3 ±0,1V
Level of induction 50 ± 10 Hz      135 ±15V
Initial impendation 600 Ω ±15%
Operating Temperature minus 40°C ¸ plus 50°C
Minimum and maximum values of temperature minus 50°C ¸ plus 65°C
Transverse tilt and longitudinal slope dowolne