Integrated power feeder

Integrated power feeder ZZP is a part of power generating system used in command vehicles equipped with on-board energy source network 27V.

Built-in functions enable quick diagnosis of failure of built-in modules.

ZZP is a device designed for indoor work and meets the requirements of NO-06-A101 – NO-06-A108 for N.11 –UZ-II-A.

Functional data

Basic functions
anti short circuit division and protection of on-board network 27V
buffer charging from energetic network or power generator
battery of vehicle buffer charging 14V from energetic network
Measurement of voltage and electric current of on-board energy source network 27V
Measurement of voltage and electric current that charge battery of a vehicle 14V
Measurement of energetic network or power generators
Values of voltage and electric current produced by power supply
– from 28,2V/40A to 70A
– 14V/25A
supply – energetic network 230V±10%  max 2,8kVA
Operating temperatures – minus 40ºC do plus 50ºC
dimensions – length 610 mm;  width 335 mm;  height 280 mm:
weight – 20 kg