Field intensity measurement

Measurement is made by the use of universal broadband measure of electromagnetic field intensity.

Measurement of attenuation of shielding objects The company has technical competence to provide measurement of attenuation of shielding objects according to NO-06-A201 and NO-06-A501 (for classes B1 and C1) – certified by certification body of SKW, meeting requirement of norm: PN-EN ISO 17025:2005 and has Certificate of Recognition Laboratory No 1/2012/JC SKW Attenuation requirements – range of frequency:

  • magnetic field 10 kHz – 20 MHz
  • electric field 10 kHz – 1GHz.

Measurement is realise in shielding objects 1,5m*1,5m*1,5m.

WZŁ S.A. provides also measurement of climatic and mechanical factors that influence tested units. Sequences of research, which they are expose to, let us find and eliminate errors that might occur during the process of design and production.