Multi Channel Radio Access System

Integration of tactical UHF radio communication system (RCS) and tactical communication system (TCS) STORCZYK is the main goal of use multi channel radio access system (MCRAS).

Multi Channel Radio Access System (MCRAS) enables telcommunication services integration between tactical radio nets and TCS. MCRAS integrates single channel radio access subsystem (SCRAS), guarantes uniform numeration of TCS and increases reliability and efficiency tactical radio access services. MCRAS is a moblie system and provides telecommunication services for subscribers connected to variuos nets. MCRAS can be utilized as mobile extension of TCS.

Functional Elements:

  • RRC 9311AP Radio Station – 8 pieces
  • Radio Connection Block – 4 pieces
  • Antenna Coupler
  • Integrated Controler Radio Access Points
  • Radio Relay
  • On-board Computer
  • Optical converter KO-2e type – 3 pieces
  • Terminal MK-16A – 4 pieces
  • GPS Receiver (option)
  • SWITCH 10/100 – 2 pieces


  • registation and disregistration of Radio Access Points (RAP) with MCRAS
  • simultaneous eight connections in data transmission mode or phone mode to TCS
  • RAP connections to TCS
  • RAP connections to external RAP (belongs to MCRAS) using TCS
  • packet telegram transmission with ACK or without
  • conference mode with RWCS
  • broadcast mode with radio nets
  • connection after disconnection
  • connection routing
  • semi-automatic radio access services, voice mail and SMS

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