Multifunctional handset for PR4G radio family

Functional parametres:

  • voice and data transmission within radio network
  • interoperability with Single Channel Radio Access Subsystem (SCRAS) ad Multi Channel Radio Access Subsystem (MCRAS) in creation of a radio subscriber account for radioline STORCZYK wire system
  • remote control of PR4G family radios – vehicular and portable radios (manpack)

Transceiver remote control capacity

  • change of mode of operation (FH, FCS, DFF, AFF)
  • channel change
  • transmission power change
  • priority change
  • network synchronisation
  • selective calling
  • radio network subscriber authorisation
  • alert messaging and link testing
  • volume and squelch control
  • emergency clear

Operates in SCRAS and MCRAS subsystems

  • data and voice connections to STORCZYK system
  • voice mode to data mode during connection
  • packet telegram exchange in radio access mode
  • registration and deregistration of Radio Subscriber Points from SCRAS and MCRAS
  • automated reaffiliation of Radio Subscriber Points between RAPs
  • Ring informing of incoming calls and phases of calls in SCRAS and MCRAS subsystems
  • subscriber identification
  • voice mail services

Telegram exchange services

  • point-to-point and point-to-multipoint data transmission
  • memory: up to 10 telegrams sent of up to 160 characters each, up to 10 received telegrams of up to 160 characters each, up to 10 information of missed incoming calls with information about the numbers and awaiting voice mail and up to 10 previously dialled numbers
  • informing about the telegrams received and awaiting voice mail with a ring