Radio stations based on vehicles

Communication vehicles, providing radio contact VHF/HF using the latest telecommunication standards, enable exchange of information DATA / VOICE during movement and at standstill.

Radio station KF RF-5800H 400 W based on vehicle


  • RF-5800H 400 watt PEP/Average HF-SSB vehicular system;
  • RF-1912T-AT001 transportable fan dipole antenna with lightweight mast sections;
  • RF-1942-AT001 HF whip antenna for mobile and stationary configurations;
  • Rugged laptop;
  • RF-6760W Wireless Message Terminal (WMT) software;
  • RF-6010-NW002 Single-Channel Tactical Network Access Hub;
  • Analog CA phone; Analog MB phone;
  • Rugged Ethernet Switch;
  • Antenna accessories, cables and other auxiliary and operating elements;
  • Stationary power supply: 230V 50Hz power network or own 230V 50 Hz power generator;
  • Power supply during movement: power take-off system;
  • Emergency power supply: accumulators;

Radio station KF RF-5800H 150 W based on vehicle


  • radio station HF, type RF-5800H 150 W
  • dipole aerial HF: RF-1912T-AT002
  • Stub aerial NVIS HF: RF-1942-AT001
  • Stub aerial VHF: RF-387-AT002
  • mast aerial VHF: RF-290
  • remote control device RF-5800R-RC001/RF-5800R-  RC511
  • vehicle radio phone VHF: GM-360
  • portable radio phone VHF: GP-388
  • telephone add-on device Z-745
  • digital communication desktop AC-16C
  • optical converter KO-2p2
  • computer (ruggedized laptop)
  • tactical concentrator (HUB): RF-6010-NW002
  • other equipment (telephones, optical and generating junctions, etc.)
  • power generator ZPD 230-1,5
  • standstill energizing
  • movement energizing (SOM)
  • emergency energizing