Tactical radio access

Tactical radio access on VHF/HF channels is foreseen for integration and execution of communications services with an automated VHF communications system, the STORCZYK radio-line and wired communications system, the VHF/HF radio access subsystem, and the secondary packet network. It provides audio contact and data transmission on VHF and HF channels on all command levels of the military forces of the Republic of Poland and with the units and divisions of the military forces of the Republic of Poland in service on international missions outside the borders of the Republic of Poland.


  • reserve data transmission and voice communication lines for the provision of constant communication and command on the tactical level
  • communication with units of the Polish Army and NATO units on peacekeeping missions outside of the Republic of Poland
  • reserve data transmission and voice communication lines between levels of tactical and operational command
  • increasing reliability and lifetime of a communications system for the requirements of the automation of the command process
  • integration of telecommunications services between mobile and fixed divisions of army combat units in order to increase their manoeuvrability and the option of executing their combat assignments in an extended scope of tactical and operational conditions
  • the provision of communications between crisis situation command centres and executive units at times of natural disasters and other crisis situations
  • the development of the infrastructure of garrison communication nodes of the Ministry of Defence for support of future wire-area wireless communications
  • integration of World Wide Web services and other intranet services with commercial solutions and those used in field-line packet networks

Voice services

  • automatic and semi-automatic mode (with operator)
  • connection via VHF/HF channels between users of analogue and digital communication networks
  • services for users of ISDN and VoIP (H.323) services
  • connections between users of different networks and radio routes on VHF/HF
  • connections to users of single-channel simplex radio access and multi-channel simplex radio access VHF subsystems

Data transmission services

  • data transmission according to STANAG 5066
  • co-operation with dial-up and packet communications networks
  • exchange of delivery-confirmed and unconfirmed messages
  • electronic mail services via VHF/HF
  • HTTP, FTP, telnet and other services available via standard workstation software of packet network users
  • exchange of short text messages